Does the world hate women?

They are our mothers, our sisters, our teachers, our 1st loves… but are they liked?                 Without wanting to sound feminist, I wonder about this as I look at recent news events, seeing story after story of men and women in conflict. It can range from the mundane struggles expected in any relationship but also runs to the more pernicious stories of severe emotional and physical abuse, to rape , and even being stolen.

I just see so many women being stood and trampled on, and some stuff really can’t be made up . So pervasive is this ill treatment that it even extends to areas that you would have thought strongholds of equality like the workplace but here, many employers are allowed to pay women less than their male colleagues, hiding behind economic forecasts and worksheets. In this modern age this is a shockingly normal occurrence.

John lennon and Yoko Ono once wrote woman is the nigger of the world

Despite the awkwardness of the title, their  sentiments are clear but I would add that since then,  women have been surreptitiously dismantled into becoming even less than that perception.  They are now not only the victims of their plight but also increasingly seen as the instigators of their struggle, even by other women.

It all sounds like hate but what could have led to hatred to one half of our species?  What did they do wrong? I know the nagging can be a little problematic, I mean we heard them the first time right but do they deserve all they get?  Some fight back of course but for every Phoolan Devi and Malala Yousafzai.

There are still thousands of victims of FGM,  and many more having to voluntarily cover up in the name of decency… as initially defined by males.

Ultimately, it’s a man’s world and women just seem to live in it and in the way that men actually decide. It all gives credence to a growing belief that the world’s first real world war was  between men and women and women lost…badly.

Would the world be different if they had won the war…I would say almost certainly. Yes  there would be animosity and conflicts  between opposing tribes but digging a pit to put people in to be buried alive… someone else’s child buried alive in a pit. The children of hundreds of mothers, all of whom endured 9 months of pain and labour to push their big headed kids through a 10cm dilated cervix to then be unceremoniously buried alive under dirt??? I just don’t see that, let alone all the other similar kinds of atrocities  of other women’s children being seen throughout the world at present.

The question is how to stop. Changes only begin with small steps, so maybe the first here is language. Reading over even this article, the language used to discuss women, bitching and nagging makes them sound like a problem, no matter how sweet smelling (there it is again)  to overcome from the very start.

Maybe we have to then show a little love and not only on a mother’s day but each day  because like James Brown knew, it may be a man’s world but it would be nothing without a woman or a girl and maybe that is truly humanity’s only true path to salvation.

A belated but eternal tribute to a woman, a phenomenal woman (Maya Angelou)


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