Welcome To The World

It has been reported that one of the few remaining untouched tribes left in the world, the Mashco-Piro,  have  officially decided to make contact with the ‘outside’ world. The tribe, have been experiencing illegal logging in their part of the Amazon, as well as disastrous encounters with most probably north American drug dealers. They are quite reasonably looking to talk to someone to put an end to their recent woes.

but just what are they getting in touch  with,  I mean what do they really know about us and the world that makes them so trusting. Lets see …well, there’s …

 child-happy-face[1] Link

And there’s always

and even

but close behind are other things 

 coke 01[1]


amongst other things

Heroin-needle-27688[1]   Link

gabriel grams image  Link

Extreme-violence-victim[1]  Link

and then…and then there’s…

fig1[1]  Link

ukraine-military-plane-shot-down-620x435[1]    Link

iraq-feature[1]  Link

as well as  the usual

and sadly familiar

Oh…and…and…yeah… the unforgiveable

isis-beheadings[1]  link


Welcome…to our world …but on reflection maybe if you can hitch a ride to newly discovered Planet Gliese 832c  it might be best.

PS: Can you take me with you




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