Vote for whiteface

At what stage would it enter your head that something  you are doing is just not right? In the case of Legendary footballer Sol Campbell and TV star actor, David Harewood, they are apparently still waiting for that realisation as they lend  themselves to #OperationBlackVote, a campaign to encourage black, ethnic and minorities to vote in Britain’s upcoming general election by …WHITENING UP!!!

# Blackvote is based on the notion that blacks do not vote (20%  not even registered to do so). So disturbed are they at the  failure of their community, they feel to stress the importance  that voting carries, they  had to have their faces stripped of melanin to reveal their white alter egos. The by line is Don’t take the colour out of Britain. Blackface in reverse?  A clever campaign or 21 century coonery? The jury is out…

…but many feel the campaign misguided as the blacks who will react to this campaign are the ones who do not need it. Those that do, can hardly find inspiring  the idea that to get through to them is in such a patronising, alienating manner and in a way that reminds you of a joke involving watermelons. The shame of the matter is that this is another lost opportunity, as there is a sub demographic (with its counterparts in ALL of the communities) who take a deeply uninterested view of the election process and will never vote. They see that whoever they vote for, nothing changes.

Is this cross group apathy a coincidence? Is it the result of the failure of the voters to be engaged or the fault of the political parties not coming up with  anything to be engaged with?  It is to be hoped that the non-voters will one day  find something  for them, until then we  can all vote for campaigns like this… to stop!!!  Something worth voting for.

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