…something about Malala

Once in a generation a person appears who just represents everything that is good, really good about the world. A person who says something about the greatness that is in every one of us, if we choose to look and find. A person whose triumph in the face of life threatening adversity   transcends all barriers… in our generation that person is Malala Yousafzai.

Born from ordinary folk in Pakistan she was compelled to speak up against the overbearing dogma and influence of the Islamic religious extremists, the Taliban …at the age of 11. All she wanted was the right for an education and to be truly equal which they wanted to deny her.  On 9 October 2012 her defiance resulted  in her being shot in the face and left to die but for some reason only the higher powers understand… she survived

She was brought to London to recover from her shooting but rather than be silent through fear of further appraisals and another assassination attempt, she spoke out again in a stirring speech to the United Nations and then in a New York Times best-selling memoir, as well as to whomever she met who was listening, which there were many.

Seeing more of the world she now also felt compelled to also speak out at the many injustices. she saw that were occurring all over the world, primarily to  children and women and poor people like the ones she had left back home in her beloved Pakistan.

Her remarkable life at such a young age has ultimately led her to share the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize with Kailash Satyarthi,  amongst many  other  accolades in her own right. Malala is the youngest recipient of the prestigious award. But perhaps the greatest accolade to have been given to her, is the gift of humility,  as there often appears to be a look of real confusion that she could be so lauded, for just wanting to say and do the right thing.

In a world so consumed with celebrity and all the benefits that come with that, it would be easy for anyone to be seduced into thinking that they are God chosen and thus more equal than their peers but unlike the latest celebrity on a charity stop, there is a feeling that she honestly believes she is just like anyone else.

She doesn’t covet fame or riches… just justice. Malala is someone who anyone of any age, religion, creed, nationality or race can truly learn from.

Maybe that is what she is here to show us



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