Good Luck Nigeria

It’s now been over four weeks since the victory of Muhammadu Buhari  and the All Progressives Party in the 2015 Nigerian election and despite all the forecasts, the threats, the fears…everything is calm …no civil war, no riots or killings…just the aftermath of a successful democratic election… talk, diplomacy and smiles.


This wasn’t what was supposed to happen, as incumbent President Jonathan Goodluck, it was hinted would not accept his bad luck and simply refuse to leave office. The UN was on standby…but it didn’t happen. Muhammadu Buhari is the now the President elect of Nigeria and the first to have successfully gained office from a sitting President through the diplomatic process of an election.

Buhari had first come to prominence in 1966 as part of a military coup which led to the presidency of Yakubu Gowon. Buhari managed to take the top job as part of another coup in 1983. His government then lasted until 1985 before itself being ousted by another coup. In his time in government it was generally seen as a controversial but successful time. Oil was pumping with MOST of the profits being funnelled to the right places. Things were getting done; discipline was the order of the day. However romantic, it was a time when Nigeria was on the cusp of greatness but as with all things… things fall apart

and Nigeria once he was ousted embarked on a steady decline of corruption, in fighting and the present disparity between rich and poor, the greatest ever.

In the intervening years he had several times tried to reclaim his former position through peaceful diplomatic channels rather than the military option but to no avail. His sense of destiny never resting and with his age and frailty for all to see, this was surely his last attempt to save his beloved Nigeria.  A soft voice but a tough one and one which is now surely needed in the growing digital age.

There will of course be many obstacles to overcome in the future, like Boko Harum and the avariciousness of corrupt insiders, let alone that of foreign investors but all good things have to start somewhere and who says that this isn’t the first step of the return to Nigeria of the boom years and indeed the M.I.N.T Nigeria has been promising in recent times.

So goodluck Nigeria, it seems that without Goodluck you just may…just may, have good luck afterall.


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