Ferguson- Is it time to give up?

After the much publicized spate of killings of unarmed black males by Police in USA and their courts’ support of those killings as justified, is it time that blacks throw the towel in and just cue up outside their local police stations and wait for their turn?

Over the years I have heard so many  conspiracy theories of how ‘we are being killed,’ how ‘Babylon was still burning for us’ but in truth I gave them the same credence as that of the Illuminati secretly running the world, while having sex parties with the staff at Goldman & Sachs. But then the recent unexplained death of a friend occurred in the UK. I say unexplained only because even after 6 months later, details to even the family still remain sketchy and the news blackout alarming. Safe to say, however, that the family man was alive before being ‘restrained’ by the Police. More details will no doubt follow in due course after a much delayed autopsy.

With that unexplained death for the first time I thought, hmmmm… maybe something was up. But still I just couldn’t shake the impossibility of a conspiracy of state funded/allowed (delete as appropriate) killings of black men in the 21 century. Like most people I thought such things belonged only in Nicaragua or in the past in the times of Emmett Till.

These times were much more enlightened, modern society was accepting of the reality of a extant black community, after all traces of our culture are to be found in almost  everything modern, from swagger, to music, our sense of style, all copied, appropriated and genuinely loved. I thought our ‘ranting’ and cute black power signs were now viewed with an odd affection, a lesson learnt for ALL as we all moved on. I thought by now that, yeh, we were cool …we were loved…but then in almost obscene haste came reasons to doubt…

Eric Garner

Michael Brown

and those who had somehow gone under the radar like Malissa Williams and Timothy Russell. It really has been going on  a long time.

It now seems no matter what genocide is happening elsewhere in the world, no matter the Ebola outbreak, economic downturn, world debts, paedophile rings connected to highest government, in fact the imminent end of the world…there will always be just enough time in the day to kill an unarmed black man by a Policeman and a jury to defend that action. I think to those disposed, it’s like being on a strict diet, but sneakily always finding a way to fit in a little chocolate treat. It’s not as though there haven’t been enough warnings, consider the film Fruitvale station.

If there ever was a film which so captured the emasculation of blacks under the stare of the powers that be, this was it…but although it had much more resonance to today’s world than the museum piece of 12 years as a slave , it won no Oscars and so evaded most peoples’ attention. All of our attentions have now, however, been tragically refocused and trained on the suspicious air of modern age hangings without the give away bed-sheets. A kind of genetically modified strange fruit has erupted on urban streets.

Maybe the conspiracy is being hidden by the shameful truth that we kill ourselves just as much if not more. Black on black violence obscuring the very real reality of a hunting party on our streets.

‘They kill themselves so why can’t we.’ This might sound incredible but then consider a regularly heard defence of the usage of the N word.

‘They call themselves nigger, so why can’t we?’

Perhaps it’s too much of a leap to link both conversations, however, unconciously but whatever the case, the overwhelming conclusion, is that black lives are cheap and its cheapness is not limited solely to the westernized African American diaspora but wherever the african diaspora goes.




It’s indisputable, that for everyone on earth life can be hard, sometimes vicious and nasty and statistically there can be death around every corner but when faced with the reality that on top of that, we can’t even trust the police, the ones who have taken an oath to protect us from the evils of the world…It’s enough to make you lose your mind.  

We await the court’s verdict of the shooting of 12 year old Tamir Rice  but the real verdict is already out there…

There is a conspiracy… it’s just us knowing what to do next



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