How the media reviewed 2015

Al Jazeera posed the question: Have we become more polarised in 2015?

“2015 was also the year when events seemed to divide us, increasing our fear and suspicion of one another, not leaving much room for the middle ground.”

The Guardian borrowed a headline from Hollywood:

“The year brought signs of progress – at long last – on the global effort to fight climate change, after negotiators from nearly 200 countries signed up to an ambitious deal to limit temperature rise.” Link


The New York Times has an interesting behind the scenes article on how they chose their photos of the year.


Q. How many photos do you look at while choosing the Year in Pictures?


The Times of India had a few reviews of 2015. We’ve chosen the Facebook Review.

Here’s a look at all that dominated Facebook in India during the year 2015:



Do you have any thoughts about these articles? How do you think 2015 went and what do you think were the highlights? Comments below…

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