Mugabe defies age and time

“Statistics show that we actually have the same employment figures as we had in 1968, almost 50 years ago. While two million jobs were supposed to be created, we only have about 700 000 people employed, of which half of them are employed by the government,”

Zimbabwean economist John Robertson.

Robert Mugabe has found the magic needed to go back in time. He experimented on the economy, and it’s worked.  Read the story in Zimbabwe’s Daily News

The old magician has got problems: Political tension is rising, with parts of the country being rocked by unrest. Clearly the magic trick is not to everyone’s liking. Opposition politicians are even bold enough to try to either impeach President Robert Mugabe or force an early general election. However if he is the grand magician, they are court jesters with cheap party tricks who will struggle to change anything in that country for decades to come.

Take the MDC (Movement for Democratic Change), who have been outsmarted by the grand magician for many years. They are more “The Movement for Disasterous Change” than anything else.

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